Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to post adverts on I Love Massage UK?

I Love Massage London charges a fee for its featured services, so you cannot use our services for free. At the time of posting your ad, you'll be able to review and accept terms that will be clearly disclosed. Our fees are quoted in Pounds Sterling, and we may change them from time to time. Any changes to our fee policy will be posted on the I Love Massage London website. Occasionally, we may change our fees for promotional events or new services. These changes take effect when we announce the event or service. Due to our monthly service, if your ad is not paid, it will be inactive. Please check all the options on the Get Listed Page.

How to create an account on I Love Massage UK?

I Love Massage London offers a very simple registration process. Visit and click on the Get Listed button. The form will guide you through a few easy steps where you can enter some basic information about yourself as well as your e-mail address. Once you submit this information, we will verify your e-mail address and send you an e-mail with an activation link. To register for an I Love Massage London account, please go to your email inbox, open our e-mail, and follow the link in the e-mail.

How do I post an advert?

The process of posting an advertisement on I Love Massage London is very simple and user friendly. In order to ensure the safety of our users, we require that all posters log in securely before they are able to post ads. Visit the website at and go to the Get Listed option situated on the right-hand side, and click on the "Place an Ad" link under that option. In the next step, you will be guided through a secure login process, and once you have successfully logged in, you will be able to add the details of your ad to the site. Having an active listing requires you to pay a monthly fee. We will display the ad rotationally to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of being seen in terms of the visibility that the ad receives.

What is the estimated turnaround time for my profile to be live?

For an advertisement to appear on the site, it may take up to two hours for it to go live. As each ad needs to be checked before going live, sometimes it takes longer because the ad will need to be approved.

How will my ad be displayed on the I Love Massage London website?

It will be shown according to the type of listing for which you are paying when you submit your advert. We will display Elite, Exclusive, Prime, and Premium Ads on all pages of our Home Page Listing - prominent position on search and category listing pages, and Standard Ads will be displayed on all pages of our Category Listing page below our Premium Listings. Home Page ads are quite exclusive, and so you will dominate the search results in many areas if you decide to advertise on the home page.

In the ad posting process, why can't I select Elite Subscription?

Elite subscriptions are limited and sell out quickly. If you are interested in becoming an Elite member, please Whatsapp us on 07459837400.

Do I have the option of using stock photos in my ad?

Yes, you are allowed to use the stock images that you have purchased for your ad on I Love Massage London. However please note that I Love Massage London is not responsible for any copyrighted photos used in ads. Users are responsible for ensuring they have the rights to use any images posted. Be sure to verify the licensing and usage rights of any stock photos you include in your advertisement.

What is the best way to get in touch with us?

For the fastest response, the best thing to do is to Whatsapp us on 07459837400.

Why has my account been blocked?

We may decide to suspend an account without any notice if that account is associated with postings which are in breach of our Terms and Conditions. To prevent this from happening, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and always follow our Posting Rules before posting an ad.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

No problem if you have forgotten your log in password. You can easily request a new password to be sent to your e-mail address. Just go to My Account on the right hand side of the home page, where you normally log in, choose “Forgot Password” option, which is located at the bottom of the page. You can then insert the e-mail that you have initially used to create an account. We will immediately send you an e-mail with a log in password, which you can use to securely log in on I Love Massage London.

How can I change my password?

You can change your log in password at any time. Just log in securely to My Account using your existing password, then go to your “Profile” information, where your personal details are stored securely. You can then change your existing password to your new password and then click on “Update Profile” so that your new password is saved.

I am not receiving e-mail from I Love Massage UK. What should I do?

If for any reason you are unable to see our e-mails in your inbox, please do not panic. Some e-mails might be wrongly placed in the Spam box of your e-mail. Please check your spam box and if our e-mails have been placed there, you can open an e-mail and mark it as “No Spam” so that our future e-mail correspondence goes to your inbox. If you are still experiencing problems with receiving our e-mail, please do not hesitate to contact us using our contact form.

Will my e-mail address appear on the website?

No! For the safety and security of I Love Massage London users, we have created our own messaging system, which does not allow other users to see your e-mail address. All e-mail correspondence will go through our secure server and your e-mails will be safe!