I Love Massage London is committed to protecting your right to privacy as a consumer of our online services. It is our policy to respect the privacy of private communication and the information you provide to us will be held on I Love Massage London.

To provide the Site and the Services, it is necessary for us to hold and process certain personal information. We take reasonable care in keeping this information secure and preventing any unauthorised access or unlawful use of it. All personal information is processed by us in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.
We collect information about our users in order to help us continually improve the service we offer and so that we can enter into commercial arrangements, including the sale of advertising space, to provide more for our customers.

This Privacy Policy sets out how we will treat the personal information which you provide to us while using the website located at  and/or the services provided from it.

What data do we collect?

We will collect personal data as provided to us during the registration process, which you agree to supply us as accurate. This information is not stored alongside your personal data and will only be used on an anonymous, aggregated basis. We may hold personal data relating to the transactions you enter into with I Love Massage London.

We will only keep your personal information for as long as necessary for the purposes for which that personal information was given to us. Please note that, in the event we sell our business to any third party, we will transfer your data to that third party for the purposes of continuing to provide the services to you.

Changes to the Policy

If we do change or amend our privacy policy we will notify users via the I Love Massage London website. The Privacy Policy will always be easily accessible online throughout all of the I Love Massage London services.

Advertisement copy shall be legal, decent, honest and truthful; shall comply with the British Code of Advertising Practice and all other Codes under the general supervision of the Advertising Standards Authority: and shall comply with the requirements of current legislation.

If you have any queries about the Privacy Policy or wish to resume receiving information which you may have previously opted out of receiving, please contact us.


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What are cookies?

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How do cookies benefit you?

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Can cookies damage my computer?

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