Reviewing the Top Rated Massage Therapy Centres in the UK

Nina Dali Thursday, February 15, 2024

In this guide, we reveal the top-rated massage therapy centres in the UK. From cost-effective locations to premium spas and convenient massage websites, we searched far and wide, narrowing it down to this list. 

Let's get straight to it. 

Northern England 

If you live in the North, you have an enviable selection of places to get a massage. 

The great thing about massage centres in this location is there's something for everyone, from specialist therapists to general centres, where you can choose a different technique for each visit. 

Manchester Massage 

For those who love experiencing cost-effective massages that offer convenience, this Manchester massage centre won't disappoint you. With a variety of experiences available, you can look forward to deep tissue, sports, hot and body scrub massages. 

Body & Mind Massage 

Located in Durham, Body & Mind Massage is renowned for its award-winning Thai massages. The centre focuses on delivering a relaxing experience that lets customers unwind in a tranquil environment. 

Rudding Park Spa 

Harrogate is known as one of Yorkshire's premiere locations, so it's no surprise that one of the UK's most infamous spas is here. If you're looking for a well-rounded experience. Let people pamper you in the spa and enjoy a selection of relaxing massages. 

The Midlands 

The West and East Midlands are known for their lively towns and expansive cities, including Birmingham and Leicester. Whether you're looking for a luxurious experience or are recovering from an injury, these centres will deliver. 

Ayur Wellness & Pain Centre 

If you're a fan of alternative medicine and live in the West Midlands, the Ayur Centre is well worth a visit. Focusing on promoting healing through the ancient practice of Ayurveda, you can get back pain treatment and Indian head massages here. 

Supatra Thai Spa 

Located in the bustling town of Northampton, the Suparta Thai Spa specialises in Thai treatments, including traditional massages and aromatherapy. You can also get a foot massage or sports treatments for competitive prices. 

Clover Spa 

Those looking for a unique experience can head to Clover Spa. As Birmingham's go-to naked spa, individuals who want authentic treatments will love this place. You can also take advantage of a range of massages, including lava shell. 

South East England 

With its close proximity to London and affluent areas, the South East is one of England's most popular locations. You'll find a range of spas here and some unique treatments that give you the perfect combination of relaxation and healing. 

Pennyhill Park Spa 

As a five-star spa, Pennyhill Park has it all—including a range of massage treatments to rejuvenate your mind and body. One of the most popular treatments is the Wellsystem dry water massage, a 20-minute experience. 

B Luxe Ladies Centre 

B Luxe is unique because it only allows women to use its services. The beauty centre offers a variety of aesthetic treatments and massages, making it a great place to go if you're more interested in TLC than therapeutic treatments. 

SP Fitness Therapy 

While many massages in the South East take place in spas, SP Fitness Therapy is a specialist service that treats sports-related injuries. The sports massages are designed to treat injuries and restore you to physical health, with the option of professional coaching, too. 

South West England 

Stunning landscapes, beautiful beaches and the good old country lifestyle make the South West a retirement hotspot. Don't underestimate it, though, because the region also has fantastic places for massages. 

The Bath Massage Company 

The Bath Massage Company offers massages tailored to the individual's preferences. Your therapist will assess your needs and create a bespoke experience addressing injuries and promoting relaxation. 

Massage & Wellbeing 

Located in Exeter, Massage & Wellbeing has built a reputation for providing professional massages that treat various ailments. Their popular respiratory and abdominal massages can promote overall health and reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions. 


As the UK's largest city, you can guarantee London has an enviable selection of massages available. Narrowing them down is challenging, so we looked for convenience and variety to reveal these two fantastic options. 

I Love Massage London 

I Love Massage is the go-to place for individuals looking for a convenient way to access massage therapy. With male and female massage therapists available, you don't have to worry about booking an expensive spa day. 

Treatments include sports, Thai, pregnancy and hot oil massages. 

The Four Seasons Spa 

As one of the world's most infamous hotels, the Four Seasons has an equally impressive spa for all your needs. You'll find a range of premium massages here, but be prepared to pay a lot for the experience. 

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Can Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete with England's massage centres? You bet they can. Whether you live in these countries or are planning a trip, be sure to check out the top places to get a massage. 

Castle Thai Spa - Edinburgh, Scotland  

Located in Edinburgh's beautiful city centre, Castle Thai Spa offers a traditional experience for people looking to relax and destress. Popular treatments include Thai yoga massages and traditional head, neck and shoulder massages. 

St David's Spa - Cardiff, Wales 

Luxury comes to life in this stunning hotel, with a dedicated spa for visitors to relax and indulge. Enjoy a custom massage, or choose one of the set packages, including super nutrient massages with bespoke oils. 

Willow Massage Centre - Belfast, Northern Ireland 

The Willow Massage Centre focuses on pain management through massage, offering impactive treatments that reduce the symptoms of chronic conditions while also treating muscle pain.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the range of massage centres across the UK means there truly is something for everyone. Now, all you need to do is choose your perfect centre and prepare for an incredible experience. 

I Love Massage offers fully-trained therapists throughout London. Many professionals choose to advertise with us, giving you an unrivalled selection of treatments. Please feel free to book today or contact us if you'd like more information.