Clear Signs You Need a Massage Right Now

Nina Dali Thursday, March 21, 2024

In our busy lives, it's easy to ignore the little signals our bodies send us, telling us to slow down and take care. But sometimes, you need a massage to help you unwind and feel better. So, how do you know if a massage is what you need right now? 

Look out for these clear signs, from nagging pains to feeling stressed out, that tell you it's time to treat yourself to some healing and relaxation. Let's explore what your body might be trying to tell you about needing that well-deserved massage.

Immediate signs 

Excess pain or limited mobility are often immediate signs that you might need a massage. You should never ignore muscle tightness or pain because failing to treat it could worsen your symptoms. 

Sign 1: Experiencing muscle tension 

Muscle tension can impact anyone, but it's often a sign that your body isn't getting the support it needs. While people usually associate muscle tension with exercise or working in a physically demanding role, office employees are just as likely to experience ongoing tension. 

If you notice persistent muscle pain, getting a massage can give your body much-needed support. 

Sign 2: Back problems 

The back handles a lot of pressure daily, from supporting your posture to facilitating movements and maintaining core stability; it's a vital structure. However, your back can also cause numerous problems, resulting in a loss of mobility. 

While some back issues require specialist support, regular massages provide relief and help you maintain better posture. 

Sign 3: Chronic pain 

Chronic pain can be devastating to your daily life, resulting in an inability to perform daily activities and enjoy working out. Some forms of pain can occur due to injuries, while others might be symptoms of a medical condition. 

Massages can often serve as holistic aids to treat the source of pain and promote mobility. When combined with other treatments, such as medications, the results can benefit overall wellbeing. 

Physical signs 

It's easy to notice the immediate signs that mean your body is crying for a massage, but there are more subtle symptoms. Understanding these signs can protect you from developing chronic pain and restricted mobility. 

Sign 4: Posture issues 

Research from the British Heart Foundation reveals that the average person in the UK spends over 66 hours a week sitting down. A lack of exercise can lead to bad posture, but it also occurs because people don't know how to stand or sit. 

Slouchers, or people who stand with their weight more to one side, can experience ongoing pain and discomfort. Professional massage centres are ideal for teaching people how to promote better posture. 

Sign 5: Headaches 

Headaches can be caused by a range of factors, including hormonal imbalances, a predisposition to migraines, and stress. They can also occur with chronic conditions, causing pain and impacting one's ability to perform daily activities. 

Regular massages can calm your mind, reduce pain and relieve tension, decreasing headache symptoms. 

While a one-off appointment won't make a huge difference, patients of centres such as I Love Massage UK notice regular treatments reduce the frequency of headaches. 

Sign 6: Digestive problems 

The digestive system is a complex network of organs and functions - but many people don't understand its importance. As reported by Harvard Health, the gut can react to stress, depression and other illnesses, causing digestive issues such as bloating and constipation. 

Massages are renowned for stimulating parasympathetic systems, reducing stress and promoting relaxation. The result? When your body and brain receive the right support, the positive effects will extend to the digestive system.

Mental and emotional signs 

It's no secret that we live in a high-stress society, where hectic work and personal commitments mean little downtime to relax and prioritise self-care. 

The brain often tells you when it's struggling, and watching out for these signs ensures you know when it's time for some TLC. 

Sign 7: Sleep disturbances 

Stress can have a detrimental impact on our sleep patterns, with some people dealing with excessive tiredness and others experiencing insomnia. If you sleep too much or find you can't switch off at night, it's a sign that your wellbeing is at risk. 

As massages are renowned for their ability to facilitate relaxation, getting regular sessions can help you switch off your mind and find a state of peace. 

Sign 8: Feeling mentally drained 

It's easy to get lost in work and feel like you're constantly swimming against the tide. Feeling mentally drained often occurs when dealing with too much at once, impacting your social and professional life. 

If you have no motivation, feel cynical about life in general and have no desire to socialise, it might be time to explore massage therapy. While a massage won't cure you, it does rejuvenate your body and mind, making it easier to rediscover your motivation. 

Sign 9: Depression and mood swings 

Mood swings can happen to anyone, and they often involve snapping or being irritable in general. Excess stress and a lack of time to unwind will inevitably create tension in your professional and personal relationships. 

When left untreated, a low mood can turn into depression, but massages can be beneficial, as they're proven to boost serotonin and dopamine levels - also known as the happy hormones (NIH). 

These hormones can boost a low mood while also stabilising you and preventing mood swings. 

Sign 10: Anxiety and intrusive thoughts 

Anxiety can be devastating to a person's mental health, leading to avoidant behaviours and severe instabilities. Some forms of anxiety can also cause racing thoughts, which restrict your concentration and make it hard to switch off. 

Just as massages boost your happy hormones, they can also calm your mind, making it easier to switch off intrusive thoughts and relax. 

Final thoughts 

Massages have been around for centuries and will continue to offer healing benefits. Whether dealing with physical or emotional symptoms, setting aside time for a regular massage can improve your health and wellbeing. 

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