The Growing Popularity of Male Massage Therapists in London

Nina Dali Tuesday, November 14, 2023

There’s nothing like a relaxing massage; plenty of people love feeling the stresses of daily life removed from their bodies. If you live or work in London, you have a range of options available, including female or male therapists.

While massage is traditionally associated with females, the growing popularity of male massage therapists in London is undeniable.

In this guide, we’ll explore why more men are choosing the profession and why you might want to book a male therapist for your next appointment.

Why is there a bias against male massage therapists?

Males still make up a small proportion of massage therapists worldwide, with research by Zippia revealing that just 19.4% of massage therapists are male in the U.S.

There’s not much research to tell us exactly how many there are in the UK, but most websites have plenty of males to choose between.

Let’s take a look at why previously held attitudes towards gender are now changing and paving the way for male therapists.


Disrobing in front of a stranger can be daunting for anyone, and the general belief is that women are safer than men. Some people might feel less threatened by a female therapist, but it’s important to remember that male therapists are certified professionals.

Getting a massage with a certified specialist means you can feel safe. After all, their job is to make you feel secure and provide a professional service.

As long as you choose a reputable massage provider with the relevant certifications, you won’t have to worry about feeling unsafe.


According to research from AMTA, women are more likely to get a massage than men, but the gap is relatively small. However, as more women book massages, it’s easy to see why they might prefer a female therapist.

Body confidence issues can lead women to feel worried about whether the therapist will judge their appearance and naturally feel safer with a female therapist.

In reality, male therapists aren’t there to judge you, and they’re more concerned with providing the best possible service. A certified specialist will evaluate your muscles and look for tension - not critique your underwear or stretch marks.

Both women and men are more likely to look for a female massage therapist (no surprise there). For women, it might be because they don’t want a male touching their body, which is a vital component of any massage—but what about men?

Well, homophobia and the macho male attitude previously meant many males would shy away from booking a therapist of the same sex for fear they’d be perceived as gay.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a sharp change in attitudes towards sexuality, with an increasingly open society being less likely to judge someone based on their preferences.

So, maybe more men will be able to book a massage without the fear of being seen as “gay”. Remember, male therapists are there to do a job. That’s it. Whether they’re massaging a man or woman, it’s all about relieving tension.


Bedside manner refers to how healthcare professionals look after their patients, but many people assume that women have a more nurturing nature. In some cases, they do, and chatting to a female therapist while having a massage seems more comforting.

However, massage therapists require a lot of training and certifications, so they must be passionate about their job. At the end of the day, getting a massage from a male could lead to fantastic conversations.

Whether it’s sports, the kids, or just discussing your worries regarding an injury, male massage therapists offer support and help you reduce stress or recover fully.

Popular forms of massage performed by male therapists 

If you’re considering getting a massage, plenty of talented male massage therapists in London are ready and waiting for your booking. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some of the most popular massages associated with male therapists.

Sports massage

Sports massages are designed to help the body maintain optimal performance and ensure athletes recover from challenging injuries.

Through working the muscles and deep tissue work, this form of massage promotes healing and can even prevent injuries while exercising.

Regular sessions allow you to enjoy less pain and work out for longer.

Swedish massage

Swedish massages use various specialist techniques that improve oxygen levels in the blood and promote relaxation. Using kneading, long strokes, and other techniques, your therapist will work on your body to remove tension.

Swedish massages focus on the entire body, including the scalp and neck, so many people find regular sessions enhance their circulation and boost their overall wellbeing.

Deep tissue massage

If you work in a highly physical job or deal with neck and back issues regularly, a deep tissue massage can relieve pressure and provide some much-needed relief. The technique focuses on removing tight knots from your body, and your therapist will focus on problem areas.

Deep tissue massages are more intense than Swedish, which is ideal for recovering from a back or shoulder injury. People with arthritis often notice their symptoms improve with regular treatments.

Trigger points massage

Trigger points in the body can cause pain to travel. For example, problems with a trigger point in your neck might travel to the back, causing prolonged discomfort. The main idea of a trigger point massage is to treat these trigger areas before they become serious problems.

When you book regular sessions, it’s common to experience decreased pain, making trigger point massages one of the most popular bookings.

Book a male massage therapist today

While male masseuses are less common than females, they still undergo the same amount of training and must have valid certifications. When you choose a male therapist, you’re still getting the same amount of experience, so why not give it a try?

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With an easy booking system and great prices, you can promote your wellbeing today.